Letters To The Editor: Andy's message is there's no reason for violence
Letters To The Editor: Andy's message is there's no reason for violence

    Letters To The Editor: Andy's message is there's no reason for violence

    The Recorder & Times

    Wed. Oct. 8, 2003


    On September 12, we were invited to a special ceremony at La Citadelle in Quebec City to receive the Medal Of Bravery posthumously for our son Andy. We were so honoured to receive his medal from Her Excellency the Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. This medal will be treasured by all of us for the rest of our lives.

    It is clear now through this medal that Andy did not die in vain. So on Sunday, September 14, many people gathered at St. Francis Xavier Cemetery here in Brockville to honour Andy and present him with his Medal Of Bravery.

    A special thank you to Bob Runciman, Leeds-Grenville MPP, who opened Andy's ceremony and presented us with a certificate from the Government of Ontario recognizing the bravery of Andy. Thank you Mayor Ben TeKamp for saying a few words to all who gathered. Thank you to Det. Hayes of the Ottawa Police who draped Andy's medal around his headstone. This special man was there for Andy over the past four-plus years and gave us so much support and got us through the long judicial proceedings. Thank you to Father Tim of St. John Bosco Church for blessing Andy's resting place. Thank you to Brockville Police for coming and representing law and order of our community. A very special thank you to Malcolm Clark of Maitland who played the bagpipes to our hero.

    We miss him so much. There isn't a day or a night that he is not on our minds. Many times we wish he would have looked the other way like most people nowadays would do, but that was not Andy. He followed his heart and got up to help. Andy died a hero the night of Dec. 23, l998. His story can be read on a special Web site dedicated to him by his brother Rod Jr. at www.andymoffitt.org. This special Web site along with The Andrew Moffitt Memorial Scholarship Fund will be around forever.

    Andy has left his mark on the world. He touches everyone who reads about him and he will continue leaving his message that violence should NOT be part of our society. This is his legacy.

    To all those who carry knives on them each and every day, as you put that knife in your pocket remember Andy. Remember a young man who had the world ahead of him. A young man with a promising future. A young man who had so many dreams. A young man who promised his little brother that he would be here for him the rest of his life. Dreams and a promise that will never come true because of a terrible act of violence.

    Most people who receive this special medal get to tell their stories of bravery, but Andy is no longer here so we must all pass on his message that there is no reason for violence in today's society.

    Paulette Moffitt (Andy's mom) on behalf of The Moffitt family.

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