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Moffitt Memorial Fund exceeds $155,000

By: Nick Gardiner Posted: March 28, 2001

OTTAWA -- Two engineering students at the University of Ottawa will become the first recipients Thursday of the Andrew Moffitt Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The fund, established in memory of the young Brockville man killed while trying to break up a fight three winters ago, has grown to a remarkable $155,580.

It will live in perpetuity rewarding two students each year with a $2,000 scholarship paid out of the interest on the capital.

"This is going to be helping other people for a long time," said Tyseer Aboulnasr, dean of engineering.

Aboulnasr was a teacher of Moffitt's older brother Rod Jr. when the tragic killing occurred just before Christmas of 1998.

Andrew Moffitt was a computer engineering student at the university when he was stabbed in the heart while trying to break up a fight at a bar.

Henry Danninger, 29, also of Brockville, is charged with second-degree murder in the incident.

Aboulnasr said she didn't know Andrew Moffitt but became immediately concerned when she first learned of the tragedy in the news.

"I recognized the (last) name right away," she said.

"It was quite a big shock to me and the faculty. Some professors donated generously to the fund. It's one of the biggest scholarships here," she said.

The awards will be presented in a private ceremony involving Moffitt's parents Rod and Paulette and brother's Rod Jr. and Michael Thursday at 2 p.m.

They will also be acknowledged during the Faculty of Engineering's annual awards presentation later following the ceremony.

The recipients each had to write an autobiographical essay exhibiting sound character and generous spirit. Strong academic skills and a financial need are other requirements.

Aboulnasr said the private meeting with the family and students was appropriate for the circumstances.

"The students really wanted to meet the family and talk with them. They want to acknowledge what the family did and the generosity of the people who supported the fund," she said.

Rod Moffitt Jr. said the family has been eager to see the fund put to use.

"We were really hoping to do it last year but it couldn't be set up in time," he said.

"It's a start of a different phase. We still have a lot to deal with because the trial hasn't even begun yet but we're starting to see something positive come out of the situation."

He said contributions to the fund came from across the country and the United States but the bulk of donations were from the Ottawa Valley and down to the St. Lawrence River.

"Thanks to everyone, especially around the hometown areas in Brockville and Ottawa. There were a lot of people who stopped by to say they were really sorry for what happened and glad to help you with the fund and make something good come out of this."

Moffitt said he expects the trial will start later this year.

"We still have a lot to go through but we want to see justice served," he said.


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