Ottawa Sun Online: NEWS - Victim's family relives 'nightmare'
Ottawa Sun Online: NEWS - Victim's family relives 'nightmare'

Tue, February 1, 2005

Victim's family relives 'nightmare'


For the third time in the past two months, family members of murder victim Andy Moffitt say delays in his killer's parole hearing are like "reliving the whole nightmare." Paulette Moffitt, whose son Andy was stabbed to death in an Ottawa bar by Henry Danninger in 1998, described how difficult it was for the family to prepare yet again for a parole hearing -- and the potential release of the man who killed their son less than two years into a five year sentence -- only to find out that it has again been rescheduled.

"It's the stress and the worry," said Moffitt. "In a way, it's good because it means he is where he belongs for another two months, but it is like the killer's knife is slowing piercing our hearts."

Andy Moffitt, a 23-year-old computer whiz in his final year of engineering at the University of Ottawa, was stabbed to death in 1998 -- on the eve of Christmas Eve -- when he tried to bring calm to a violent confrontation in the Coyote Bar.


Danninger, a drug dealer, went to the bar to confront a roommate he thought was stealing his stash and ended up stabbing Moffitt instead when he stepped in to break up the fight.

Danninger later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

His parole hearing was supposed to be Feb. 22, but has now been rescheduled for April 19. Prior to the latest change, Danninger was also scheduled to appear before the parole board Dec. 8 and Jan. 14.

"It has not only affected us but also all those that witnessed Andy's last breath on this Earth. Andy died a painful agonizing death. Andy died in the arms of his best friend who desperately tried in vain to give him life," she said. "We relive Andy's murder every day and even when we close our eyes at night, we dream of our Andy."

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