Canada's Justice System Continues to Fail Canadians
Canada's Justice System Continues to Fail Canadians

For immediate Release
April 25, 2005


Mind boggling decisions by judges that seem to completely lack common sense and blithely ignore victims occur all too frequently and feed the disillusionment of Canadians.

A case in point was a sentence handed down in Ottawa court by Judge Roydon Kealey for one Henry Danninger.

Danninger initially charged with 2nd degree murder, was ultimately convicted of manslaughter in the stabbing death of Andrew Moffitt, a 23-year-old University of Ottawa student.

Andrew had attempted to act as a peacemaker during a bar fight and was fatally stabbed.

Prior to his trial, Danninger was released on bail under conditions that restricted his movements and obligated him to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

During that time Danninger ran a terror campaign against one of his neighbours on an almost nightly basis dumping feces and urine on the neighbours car and driveway.

The neighbour ultimately installed a video camera and Danninger was caught on tape on 24 separate occasions.

When the tapes were turned over to police, Danninger’s bail was pulled and he was locked up.

At sentencing Justice Kealey unbelievably awarded Danninger two-for-one credit for his time on bail, time that included his almost nightly prowls to pour urine and feces over his neighbour’s car.

Mr. Speaker, I ask the Attorney General to request the prosecuting Crown to submit his views for consideration in Mr. Danninger’s upcoming Parole Board hearing. Hopefully such a submission will assist Andy Moffitt’s family and friends to right the wrong imposed by Justice Kealey’s sentencing decision and keep Mr. Danninger in jail.


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